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Our TecSys is a revolutionary light weight two part fastening system based on the traditional molle attachment platform. However, TecSys combines the strength of a machine woven fabric and a anchoring clip which surpasses the breaking strength of the traditional molle system currently used throughout the armed services & industrial sector. The benefit is increased strength, machine woven anchor points, sheer platform & greatly improved fastening capabilities to different kinds of cloths. The special patented loop weave, which comes in a variety of rows can be affixed simply & fastened quickly. The applications are endless and the increased strength based on the inter-weaving of fabric to create an organic anchor point is innovative & secure.

Advantages on a spot

    • Breaking strength is high (300 daN)
    • Light weight & Sheer
    • Machine manufacturing increases the accuracy of each woven anchor point
    • The anchoring system removes a single point of failure
    • The whole weave can be printed in any colors/ muster
    • Multifunctional

Technical detail

  • Material of weave: polyamid
  • Breaking strength: 300 daN
  • Measures: Width [mm]:82 ± 2
  • Width of loop [mm]:ca. 25
  • Rapport length [mm]:38 ± 2
  • Weight [g/m]:60 ± 10%
  • Clip: no sand or other mediums can’t destroy the strength of the closed clip

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