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Who we are?

We are a family company (formerly Floessner e.K.), which are specialized in development, design and production of tactical equipment. This is often based on customer requirements or ideas, which we transfer into special or individual products or solution systems. The experience of the last 20 years has taught us, that it is always about innovative ideas, but also about the precise and requirements-based implementation of the products.

We are flexible in manufacturing our tactical equipment in higher or even smaller quantities. Our offer extends to custom sizes (tailor made), which led us to unique selling position.

If desired, we process very high quality materials. Depending on clients wishes, we manufacture from Nomex (fire-proof), Cordura or other desired materials.

We have patents for a revolutionary “Molle” fastening system (“TecSys”) for tactical clothing / equipment, which is used very successfully in European armies. This system is characterized by three times the strength compared to the conventional system (Molle) and by an extremely low weight.

What products do we make?

Our main business is: Tactical equipment for the police, army and fire fighters

> High security equipment (harnesses) for lower done on a rope and high security carrying systems

> High quality leather products

> Other products, e.g. covers and bags for vehicles or airplanes or softshell jackets for fashion

In addition to tactical vests, chest rigs, a high variety of bags and accessories, MediPacks, belts, back bags, we can also produce e.g. trousers and jackets for the military, but also for end users. Pistol holsters and knife covers are also part of our product range.

Who are our clients?

Our customers are mostly from the public sector, such as authorities, the military or other public institutions, from home and abroad.

We manufacture top quality products for several police in Europe, even e.g. tactical vests for special forces of the police and the army. These vests were specially developed and produced based on their special requirements.

FTS GmbH has been a registered company of the "NATO Commercial and Government Entity" since July 9, 2012. The corresponding code (NCAGE) is: DP039. We are officially authorized to deliver to all NATO countries

Who are our partners?

We have a intense and long-term partnership with production partners from several european countries. Here we rely on trust and a very good and close cooperation in order to precisely coordinate the production processes for samples and orders.

In addition to the production partners, we also use our partner network for ballistic systems or fabric experts.

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